Before joining Bike Fort Collins, Chris held key executive, technical, and communications positions, and led bid-writing for the 2013 and 2015 USA Pro Challenge NoCo stages. He’s long been active as a leader in the NoCo cycling community, directing Northern Colorado Cycling Events, co-managing First City Cycling Team, race directing the City Streets Criterium series, and developing sponsors for a number of grassroots events, including the 2013 Fort Follies Women’s Grand Prix. He’s also hosted countless community events including seminars and town hall meetings and is creator and co-host of the long-running YGR Live Bike Talk Show series. He’s a car-free all weather commuter, recreational endurance nut, retired Cat 2 roadie, and former Chicago bike messenger.

Why He Rides

“I love the experience of moving through my neighborhood, my town, and my world on a bike. The world makes more sense to me when i can smell and hear and feel it as i move through it. Bikes inspire community, and they can be powerful weapons in the struggle against inequality. They connect us, move us, challenge us, comfort us, lift our spirits and fortify our bodies. Theres not a lot of problems out in the world that more bikes won’t help us solve if we just keep riding.”