Staff & Board

Kellie Falbo – Executive Director

Kellie Falbo is the founder of the Sustainable Living Association, a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating people and communities in the Rocky Mountain region to make healthy, sustainable choices.

Through seventeen years of endurance and commitment, she has led the organization and the Sustainable Living Fair into mainstream culture. During this time, her natural interests in creating a balanced world between human development, our respect for the environment and social responsibility have become her professional journey.  Recipient of a 2007 e-chievement Award from etown, Falbo has been on the forefront of the sustainability movement in Colorado for nearly two decades.

Kellie serves as a volunteer Emergency Medical Technician and Fire Fighter in her rural community and teaches CPR and wilderness first aid in her off time.

Board of Directors

Jacob Castillo – Larimer County


Jacob has called Fort Collins home since 1997 when he began his studies at Colorado State University. While at CSU, he earned three undergraduate degrees (Agricultural Business, Foreign Language and Literature, and Economics), and a double masters in the Global Social and Sustainable Enterprise Program (M.S.B.A.) and Agricultural and Resource Economics—all from CSU. While attending graduate school, Jacob launched his first company called PowerMundo, which was called one of six ideas that will change world, according to CNN/Money. Since then, he has launched Panda Bicycles, a leading-edge bamboo bicycle designer and manufacturer headquartered in Fort Collins. Jacob’s economic development work began at the Northern Colorado Economic Development Corporation and it continues as Economic Development Manager at the Larimer County Workforce Center. Additionally, he serves on the Boards of Directors for the Sustainable Living Association and the Rocky Mountain Innosphere, and he teaches a course on Global Sustainability at CSU.

Matt Fater – City of Fort Collins Utilities

Vice President

Matt Fater

Matt works for Fort Collins Utilities where he is responsible for managing the design and construction of water, wastewater, and stormwater infrastructure projects. He has been a part of the Fort Collins community since 1993 when he moved to Fort Collins to attend Colorado State University, earning a BS and MS in Civil Engineering.

He is passionate about his work as an engineer because he believes basic water services are essential to a sustainable community. His primary interests are working to find sustainable solutions to the issues of stormwater management and ageing water and wastewater infrastructure. He has been a member of Fort Collins Utilities’ “Core Sustainability Team” since 2008 working to develop a culture of sustainability within the organization. Outside of work, Matt enjoys bicycling, gardening, raising chickens and pressing apple cider with his neighbors.

Corey Odell – Odell Brewing Company


Corey Odell is the Sustainability Coordinator at Odell Brewing. Corey grew up in the beer industry and started working at Odell Brewing while earning her ecology degree at the University of Colorado. Her love for the company and passion for sustainability came together in 2014 when Odell Brewing created a new Sustainability Coordinator position. In her role, she has focused on everything from waste management to data analysis and participates in local committees including the Northern Colorado Renewable Energy Society, the Poudre River Forum Committee, and BreWater which brings local breweries together to talk about water. Outside of work, Corey enjoys gardening, hiking, cooking and hanging out with her dog.

Lindsay Ex – City of Fort Collins


Lindsay Ex, AICP, is a sustainability professional and planner with a decade and a half of experience in municipal, state, and federal governance in Alaska, Utah, and Colorado. Lindsay is passionate about the work that SLA does because it focuses on a positive message for empowering the community to easily incorporate sustainability into our daily lives.

In her work with Fort Collins, she leads the implementation of the Climate Action Plan goals, which has engaged over 70 staff members and almost 50 citizens on a regular basis (more info at She is also a published author whose research explores how practitioners cross-disciplinary boundaries to achieve better conservation and social outcomes on the ground; she has presented at conferences throughout the US and in Europe on these subjects. She holds a Master of Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning degree from Utah State University and a Bachelor’s degree in Natural Resources Management from Oregon State University. Most importantly, she is the mom of two amazing toddler girls, and she lives in Laporte with her family and their dog, chickens, and bees.  

Silencia Cox – Motherlove Herbal Company

Member at Large

Silencia Cox is the inspiration for, and now CEO of Motherlove Herbal Company, a family business that began in a Colorado Rockies meadow and has grown into an international leading manufacturer of organic herbal products for pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding. Motherlove was started by Silencia’s mother, Kathryn Higgins, an herbalist, when she began incorporating wild plants into her daily life for food and medicine while pregnant with Silencia.

Now, over 30 years later, Motherlove products continue to be made in Fort Collins, Colorado, and can be found in specialty retailers and natural food stores in over 40 countries. The scope of the operation has increased dramatically, but Silencia continues their dedication to producing all-natural products in a sustainable manner. Motherlove uses certified organic herbs, is a zero-waste manufacturing facility, is a Certified B Corporation, and gives 1% of its revenue to local non-profit organizations.

Silencia has worked for Motherlove in some capacity for as long as she can remember. She grew up helping her mother pick herbs in the area surrounding their mountain home in Northern Colorado’s Rist Canyon. After graduating from Colorado State University, she returned to working full-time at Motherlove traveling around the country teaching people about the products, the healing properties of herbs, and sharing her dedication to being a good steward of the earth.

When she isn’t at work, Silencia can often be found out enjoying the mountains, exploring other countries or spending time on Motherlove’s 120-acre organic farm outside of Fort Collins.

Advisory Council

Charisse Bowen
CSU Institute for Entrepreneurship

Dani Grant
Mishawaka Amphitheater & SpokesBuzz

Judy Dorsey
The Brendle Group

Emily Elmore
The Group Real Estate

Stuart Conway
Trees, Water & People

Doug Odell
Odell Brewing Company

Lucinda Smith
City of Fort Collins Natural Resources

Jenn Orgolini
New Belgium Brewing Company

John Long
The Atmosphere Conservancy

Katy Bigner
City of Fort Collins Utilities

Bryan Kallenberger

Jodie Riesenberger
National Parks Conservation Association
Jen Allen
New Belgium Brewing
Lara Williams
Green Team Real Estate
Dan Tweeton
Marci Peterson
New Belgium Brewing
Morgan DeFort
CSU Engines and Energy Labs
Hillary Mizia
New Belgium Brewing
Jamie Grim
Jared Polis’ Office