Event: Tour de Coop Registration Confirmation

I’m super excited for this year and very grateful it worked out for us to move it back a few weeks. Thank you for being flexible.  The weather is going to be perfect on Sunday and we have some really cool coops lined up for the tour.
Here are the important things you need to know –
– MEETING POINT – We will begin at Greyrock Commons – 2265 Shooting Star Ln, Fort Collins, CO 80521 – The chicken coop is on the northwest side – meet me there.
– Meeting TIME – We will begin at 8:30am with a tour of Greyrock’s Chicken coop (which is amazing btw). We will leave Greyrock at 9am and head into Old Town for our next few coops.
Things to bring:
– Your Bike – tires all pumped up – bike tuned up and tested out – we will have bike support along the tour in case you have any minor issues(Thanks JV) but make sure your bike is up and running well before Sunday
– A helmet – Safety is important. If you have a helmet, bring it and wear it.
– A water bottle – if you like to drink water – bring a bottle of it with you.  We will be on the road all morning riding from coop to coop so it is important to stay hydrated.
– Sunscreen – It is going to be 85 and mostly sunny on Sunday – so come prepared for the weather
Your questions and stories – Tour de Coop is all about education and learning from our coop hosts and your fellow riders about their experiences with chickens, good, bad, and ugly.
Anything else you may want along the way (snacks etc).
A smile and fun attitude (b/c why not :))
Things to know:
– We will begin at Greyrock (address above) and will be finishing at 720 E Stuart if you are planning to drive into town and need to coordinate rides/cars etc.
– My phone number is 970-310-5791 – call me if you need anything prior to the tour but know that once we are on the tour I will not be as accessible.
– When you arrive I will have you sign a waiver
– Some coop hosts are happy to let us use their toilets, some would prefer us not.  Use the toilet before you arrive and there will be some opportunity along the way if you need a toilet.
– We have 7 coops to visit and will have ~20 minutes at each coop to explore, hear about it from the owner, and ask questions.  Then we will bike on to the next coop. I will be in the lead and we will have a couple other volunteers along the route to make sure you are all ok.
– Lunch is coming from Spoons and beverages from Odell. We will also have non alcoholic options for those of you who do not like beer.
– Construction – There is a bit of this on our route (Shields and Laporte area) so we will be avoiding it through neighborhood side streets
Also super cool – Backyard Poultry is a sponsor this year and will be bringing magazines and shirts for you all!
Many of you have invited/signed up your friends, Thank you! Please Fwd this on to them since I only have your email.
We have some spots left if you know of anyone else that would like to ride with us. They can register online –
I think that is about it.  If you have any questions before Sunday feel free to reach out to me via email or phone.

Thank you!