Event: Tour de Farms


10th Annual Tour de Farms, August 20, 2016

tdf-imageJoin the Sustainable Living Association on August 20th  for the 10th annual Tour de Farms. Riders will be able to join on a leisurely 8-10 mile tour to various farms and gardens and greenhouses. Visit cutting edge urban agriculture projects, hear presentations from farmers, gain useful tools and knowledge for your own garden, find out ways you can support area efforts to strengthen our local food system.

 Tour de Farms highlights important elements of sustainable communities and our local living economy. Enjoy the future of food!  Cost $25 per person, tour limited to 50 people includes lunch. Space is limited so register now below.  Hours are 8:30am – Lunch (12:30)

Tour de Farms Sponsorship 2016

Sponsors: CofFClogo odell_green_sponsor

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  • Purchase 1 ticket per person for $25 each. limited to 50 riders.
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