Getting to the Fair

NEW VENUE FOR 2015! The 16th Sustainable Living Fair will be held at Northside Aztlan, Old Fort Collins Heritage Park, 112 E. Willow Street, Fort Collins, alongside the Cache la Poudre River. MAP & DIRECTIONS

Fair attendee Parking lot this year is behind Odell Brewing Company. The entrance to the parking lot is on Buckingham Ave. Free shuttle service is available to the entrance of the Fair off of Linden Street and the Poudre River Bike Path. Bio diesel for Bands bus will be available both Saturday and Sunday until 6 pm.

This year, SLA is sponsored by Tadpole Pedicabs who will be available for attendees that are parking at the Odell parking lot. If you would like to call ahead to the Tadpole team, please contact them at 970-300-3332. The service will be available from 10 am-6 pm on Saturday, September 12, and Sunday 10 am- 5 pm. Tadpole Pedicabs are an electric powered pedicab, and a quick way to get to the entrance of the fair on Linden Street on the Poudre Bike Trail.

Tadpole pedicabs                    ParkingMap (4)

 Attendees may walk three blocks (.4 miles) to the fair instead of taking the shuttle if desired.

Another option is to ride to the fair in the cleanest and greenest of transportation – An Electric Car!   Through a partnership with Drive Electric Northern Colorado, Tynan’s Nissan, Fort Collins Mitsubishi, Dellenbach Chevrolet, Co’s BMW Center, and Spradley-Barr Ford is bringing the Energi   – if you park in the official Fair parking lot behind Odell Brewing, you can ride or drive to the Fair in an electric vehicle. Find a representative at the Drive Electric Tent at the  Odell Parking lot off of Buckingham.

       lsDENCFC Mitsubishi

Bike Valet

Biking Option:

Check-out a bike from the bike library, or walk on the bike path to get to the fair. We suggest you take the Fair Shuttle or ride your bike for the best Fair experience!

From the beginning, we’ve been a Bike-to-the Fair event. We love what it looks like when 1000 bikes show up and mark the entrance to The Sustainable Living Fair. Our Bike Valet will handle you ride with class, supported by the professionals at the SOCIAL CYCLES.

We will have Handicapped Parking at the the United Way Building on Pine Street off of Willow St,  and vehicles and volunteers within the fair grounds to assist those with limited mobility.