Renewable Energy Tent (2014)

NCRESNorthern Colorado Renewable Energy Society (NCRES) is sponsoring free workshops on Renewable Energy. See the schedule below.


Fort Collins Home Efficiency & Renewable Energy Program Update

11 am – noon, John Phelan, Fort Collins Utilities

Want to know what’s new with Fort Collins Utilities’ energy efficiency and renewable energy programs?  Fort Collins Energy Services Manager, John Phelan will update attendees on the current and up-coming energy programs for residential and business customers including the residential solar rebate program, energy efficiency rebates, the solar feed-in-tariff program for businesses, demand response and the community solar garden initiative.

Home Energy Efficiency: Where Do I Begin?

1 – 2 pm, Jeff von Breitenfeld, Habitation Solutions

Considering making your home more energy efficient and comfortable?  It all begins with a Residential Energy Audit that will establish your roadmap to greater efficiency and energy independence.  Jeff von Breitenfeld of Habitation Solutions will cover the benefits of energy audits, pitfalls of making bad energy efficiency retrofit choices, audit rebate programs, and the components of an energy audit.

Jeff von Breitenfeld, AIA is a licensed architect in Colorado, with extensive residential experience and a deep interest in energy- and resource-efficiency and green/sustainable design and construction. He is a Certified Passive House Consultant (CPHC), a RESNET-certified HERS rater, and a LEED AP.

Addressing Energy Poverty with Innovative Efficiency and Renewable Energy Solutions

3 – 4 pm, Sebastian Africano, Trees Water & People (TWP)

Join Trees, Water & People’s International Director Sebastian Africano as he provides an overview of TWP’s 16 years combating energy poverty in Central America, Haiti, and on US Tribal Lands.  TWP Program Director, Sebastian Africano will discuss energy solutions that help alleviate poverty abroad and at home on Native American Reservations.


Community-Owned Solar: The New Model for Solar Ownership

11 am – noon, Clean Energy Collective (CEC) 

Have a shaded roof?  Have a limited budget?  Do you rent?  These are all typical barriers for consumers to directly participate in renewable energy, specifically residential Solar PV.  The Community-Owned Solar model (aka Solar Gardens, Solar Farms) is one of the newest solutions to make solar more obtainable to the whole community.  

Clean Energy Collective (CEC) is a leading developer of community-owned renewable energy solutions, including the country’s first community-owned solar and projects for both Fort Collins and Poudre Valley REA.  CEC will explain how this model works for both the utilities, consumers and the community.

Residential Solar Photovoltaic – Is It Right for Me?

1 – 2 pm, Benny Mosiman, Solar Consultant

How do you determine if your house is right for solar PV?  What are the considerations you should take relative to sizing, orientation, etc.?  What are your financing options?  Benny Mosiman, a solar consultant, will cover evaluating your house’s potential, design considerations, rebates, and various financing and ownership considerations.   Benny Mosiman is currently a solar consultant with Solar City and previously with Pure Logic Clean Energy Systems.

Off-Grid Solar Energy Systems

3 – 4 pm, Dan Fink & Dan Bartman,

Dream of living off the grid? Living off the grid presents many challenges and many rewards. This workshop covers the basics of how to generate and store electricity to power an off-grid home or cabin, and how to design and install a system that makes off-grid living fun and easy.

Homebrew Wind Power: Got Wind?

4 – 5 pm, Dan Bartman & Dan Fink,

Colorado and west are blessed with ample wind resources and wind power is an excellent off-grid companion to solar.  Dan Bartman and Dan Fink, authors of Homebrew Wind Power, will cover how to build your own small-wind turbine system.  They will also address evaluating if wind is right for you and other siting and sizing considerations.