Year-Round Workshop Schedule

Announcing our Workshop Series for 2015

The Abundant Backyard Series helps people learn how to use backyard gardens more productively.  The Wise Kitchen Series provides specific instruction on making and preserving food and teaches how to use locally grown products from area farms and CSA’s.  The Healthy Home Series provides information on avoiding chemicals that negatively affect personal heath and the environment.  The Renewable Energy Series offers courses that look at renewable energy for homeowners, home energy efficiency, and economic considerations of renewable investments.  The Sustainable Building Series features information on green building materials and indoor environmental quality.

Workshops are added throughout the year, so check back regularly for updates and changes. You must register at least 72-hours in advance prior to attending a workshop.

Interested in becoming an Instructor?

Wise Kitchen WiseKitchenHead

March 12 – Growing Microgreens

May 16 – Self Healing & Natural First Aid

May 9 – Basic Cheese Making

June 2 – Home Doctoring from the Kitchen

June 16 – Food Dehydration

Aug 4 – Canning Jams, Jellies & More

Aug 23 – Fermenting Vegetables

Oct 1 – Canning Salsa

Oct 27 – Whole Grain Bread Baking

TBA – Milk Processing


Abundant Backyard

March 22 – Backyard Chickens

April 11 – Vericomposting

April 11 – Greenhouse Design 101

April 12 – Intensive Organic Gardening

April 25 – Soils & Three Methods of Composting

May 2 – Fruit Tree Grafting

May 24 – Eat Your Weeds!

July 25 – Four Season Gardening

TBA – Raising Backyard Goats

August, 2015 – March, 2016: Permaculture Design Course (The Growing Project)


Renewable EnergyRenewableEnergyHead

May 2: Intro to Small Wind Power

May 3: Intro to Off Grid Systems

November 7: Intro to Small Wind Power

November 8: Intro to Off Grid Systems



Sustainable BuildingSustainableBuildingHead

June 27: Industrial Hemp Building

July 11 & 12: Tiny House Toolbox

TBA – Straw Bale Building (Durango, CO)




Healthy HomeHealthyHomeHead

April 2 – Healthy Home

April 14 – Natural Skin Care

May 12 – Intro to Essential Oils

Oct 13 – Natural Skin Care

TBA – Goats Milk Soap Making