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Wellness Retreat
May 21st, 9am-5pm $ 115 (includes a healthy vegetarian lunch).

yoga threeIn this fast paced world we must set aside time to care for ourselves. This daylong Retreat gives you a chance to step away from your busy schedule to reset your mind and renew your body.

OM 1Finding a balance between long days at the office, your responsibilities at home and the stress it creates can be challenging.

OM 1Join us for some practical teaching on how to establish goals, practice mindfulness, create more balance in your life and energize your body with healthy foods & exercise.

OM 1Throughout the day we will weave in yoga, meditation, breathing exercises and some contemplation time on the river.

The Wellness Retreat tuition is $115 per person and includes a healthy, freshly prepared lunch, complete schedule and presenter bios will be posted soon.

Instruction provided by Peak Health & Wellness, Old Town Yoga, Dr. Cory Carroll MD and Shambhala Fort Collins.

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Eating for Energy
April 12th, 10-11am & June 14th, 6-7pm – Peak Health & Wellness

With the demands of today’s hectic lifestyles combined with too few hours of quality sleep and poor eating habits, it’s no wonder many people complain of fatigue and low energy. Health Coach, Kellie Falbo will help you learn how to boost your energy and vitality by making some strategic changes to your diet and lifestyle. Workshop held at the Fort Collins Senior Center, register online or call 970-221-6644.


Balance your Busy Life
May 10th, 12-1pm – Peak Health & Wellness

Work Life Balance Signpost Shows Career And Leisure HarmonyWork Life Balance Signpost Shows Career And Leisure HarmonyIf you’re finding it more challenging than ever to juggle the demands of your job and the rest of your life, you’re not alone. This imbalance affects every aspect of our lives including relationships, health, productivity and more.
In this session we will evaluate the areas of your life that need attention in order for you to create more balance at work and more happiness at home. Learn to develop lifestyle choices that support all aspects of your life and regain control of your destiny. Workshop held at the Fort Collins Senior Center, register online or call 970-221-6644.


Boost Your Immunity
July 20th, 6-7pm – Peak Health & Wellness

141218_MEDEX_immune.jpg.CROP.promovar-mediumlargeIt’s no secret that boosting your immune system helps to fight off illness. Your immune system requires balance and harmony to function well, Learn what your mind and body need to maintain optimal health all year round. Workshop held at the Fort Collins Senior Center, register online or call 970-221-6644.