Dan Bartmann


Dan Bartmann grew up off the grid in the Colorado mountains starting at age three, and has lived there ever since. He is the Education Director of Buckville Energy Consulting, and co-author of the award-winning book “Homebrew Wind Power.” His articles and photographs have appeared in both Home Power Magazine and Back Home Magazine, and he is the founder of, a website devoted to home energy production. Dan’s focus and passion are on educating the public about both the potential and the pitfalls of small wind power. His innovative small wind turbine designs have achieved recognition worldwide, and are ideally suited for local manufacture in impoverished and developing regions. He teaches and consults regularly on the topic across the US and internationally for NGOs, educators, and homeowners alike.

Inger Giffin


Inger Giffin is the founder of Wisdom Ways Acupuncture in Fort Collins, CO, and is the secretary of the Board of Directors for the local non-profit The Growing Project.  She has been practicing Acupuncture and Herbal medicine for 11 years, and has successfully helped thousands of patients in their return to wellness.  She is especially passionate about helping people use the balancing energetics of seasonal eating as part of their health care routine. To contact:, or call (970) 227-3077.

Kelly Simmons


Kelly Simmons is the former Director of the Boulder Sustainability Education Center and a permaculture teacher.  She has taught for many years through the Denver Botanic Gardens, Central Rocky Mountain Permaculture Institute, as well as universities and other venues both nationally and overseas.  She currently manages the CU Boulder Sustainable Practices program and lives on an urban permaculture demonstration site in downtown Boulder with bees, chickens, an orchard and abundant gardens.

Shelley Kawamura

S.Kawamura photo

Shelley Kawamura is a healthy and sustainable building design consultant and owner of LifeSpaces.  Shelley has over twenty years of experience in the design world and has a passion for how we interact with the built environment on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.  The dual goal of environmental preservation and human health is the focus of Shelley’s work and her personal belief is that a healthy home environment is the first step toward encouraging health on a global scale.  She is a certified Healthy Homes Specialist through the National Environmental Health Association, a LEED Accredited Professional and has a Master’s Degree in Sustainable Construction Management.  Shelley has taught many courses on the health factors of buildings and has also presented at many local and national conferences and workshops.

Jason Gerhardt


Jason Gerhardt has been applying and teaching permaculture design in diverse bioregions from the deserts of Arizona to the fresh water lakes of New York since 2005. As an emerging voice of permaculture in the US, he is known for detailed knowledge of plant ecologies, rainwater harvesting, seed biodiversity preservation, urban food production, and integrated design science. Jason currently teaches a permaculture design program for Naropa University and instructs in numerous workshops and courses annually. He has taught for many well-respected organizations including Prescott College, High Altitude Permaculture, Denver Botanic Gardens, and Transition Colorado. Jason practices ecological design professionally as Real Earth Design.

Greg Michaud

Michaud Headshot

Greg Michaud instructs a number of our year-round Abundant Backyard Workshop series including Biointensive Gardening, and Backyard Chickens.  Greg is a long-time holistic gardener turned sustainable ecofarmer/health-foodie with training in organic certification inspection.  He & his wife Patty run “The Old Feed Store” on a small acreage in Laporte, Colorado where they are working to rediscover the lost skills of local food self-sufficiency.

Karen Kinyon

Karen Spinning-1

Raised on a Jersey Dairy Farm in Eastern Colorado, Karen has always enjoyed animals.  In 1988 she purchased her first llama and her Handspinner’s herd has grown from there to 36 llamas and 6 alpacas.  She started with two pack llamas so that she and her husband could continue to hike in the Colorado mountains with their two small sons.  While grooming the llamas for packing, she kept thinking she should do something with “all that fluff”.  She started taking classes from excellent professionals in the fiber arts.  These included Spinning, Weaving, Knitting, Felting and Dyeing and soon was holding classes of her own at her on-the-ranch studio.  Selling looms and spinning wheels from Colorado’s Schacht Spindle Co. was next.  Camelid breeders and owners were her focus; teaching them how to shear and prepare their fleeces for show and processing.  Karen continues with her mission to teach camelid owners to shear and use the fleece promoting the health of the animal.

Dr. Keri Brown, ND


Dr. Keri Brown, ND, is a Naturopathic Wellness expert and a graduate of Bastyr University in Seattle, WA. She has been in private practice since 1998 and is the current director of Wide Awake Wellness, proving natural healing seminars and consultations and Natural Healing Kits, Inc, a progressive company that manufactures natural first-aid kits for both people and animals. She was a founding member of Sojourn’s Community Clinic, one of Vermont’s largest non-profit wellness centers, as well as Eco Depot USA, a renewable energy, solar education and installation company. Other services provided by Dr. Keri Brown in support of living healthy:  Dr. Brown presents seminars and consulting services to the natural health and wellness industry, to professionals and to interested groups on natural medicine for first-aid care for people and animals. Other topics include nutrition, homeopathy, botanical medicine and detoxification programs.

Alyssa Young

Alyssa Photo

Alyssa Young has had a keen interest in natural skin care products from the time she lived in New Zealand around 30 years ago. She teaches natural soap making, and has been selling soap professionally for over three years. Ms. Young worked as the Arts Coordinator at CSU’s Student Center, and also the Education Coordinator at the Ft. Collins Museum of Contemporary Art, teaching and organizing many classes. She has a bachelor’s degree from CSU in Fine Arts. Her all-natural and organic soaps can be found in 9 states and more than 30 stores. These soaps are so good for the skin that you can leave them on your skin like lotion. She looks forward to sharing the art of soap making with others.

Dan Fink


Dan Fink has lived off the grid, high in the Northern Colorado mountains, since 1991, 11 miles from the nearest power pole or phone line. He has a BA in Technical Journalism from Colorado State University, and spent 10 years in the field as a renewable energy system consultant, designer and installer. He has been employed as a renewable energy technical author and educator since the year 2000, and is the Executive Director of Otherpower and Buckville Energy Consulting, and the Editor-in-Chief of Buckville Publications LLC. Dan is co-author of the award-winning book “Homebrew Wind Power,” and his articles and photographs frequently appear in such magazines as Home Power, Back Home, Solar Professional, The Journal of Green Building, and Lighting Today. He is a regular “Ask the Experts” columnist for Home Power Magazine.

Scott Skogerboe


Scott Skogerboe taught himself grafting as a young man out of a book, while serving in the US Army as a medic in Belgium.  His grafts succeeded, and this positive experience changed his life. He came back to Fort Collins, and earned a horticultural degree from Colorado State University. Scott has been the head propagator at Fort Collins Wholesale Nursery for the last 16 years.  During those years he has grown over 3 million trees and shrubs. His home orchard includes over 150 different fruit trees and small fruits.