Sustainable Building

Tiny House Toolbox

Saturday, July 11th, 9:00am-5:00pm & Sunday, July 12th, 9:00am – 1:00pm, 8 people max.
Cost: $220, includes lunch on Saturday and the materials to build your own personal toolbox


“A toolbox is a set of skills or experience that someone brings to solve a situation.”

Do you know the difference between a toe nail and a jamb? The goal of this hands-on weekend workshop (12 hours) is to empower participants with a supportive learning environment while they are introduced to the tools, skills, and materials required to build something — whether it’s a tiny house, a shed, or a home improvement project. You need have no construction experience, just the will to learn and we’ll provide the environment where questions are encouraged and explanations are given while you learn and practice. During the workshop, participants will put their new knowledge, skills and confidence to use, constructing their own wooden tool box to take home with them for all their future projects. Participants will also have the opportunity to tour a tiny house that is in the final phases of construction, where they can see first-hand applications of the materials and techniques discussed and used during the course.

If you have been considering building something of your own, but want support and encouragement, this is the workshop for you!

Workshop Instructor: Curt Lyons

“Like most carpenters I learned many of my skills the hard way, on the clock, when time is money and mistakes are costly. I designed this class to provide a more ideal learning environment. I believe good teaching involves recognizing and adjusting when students don’t understand. I often joke that I only took up construction because I graduated with a history degree. My experience goes back over 20 years, starting with barn building. From there I moved onto building log homes, selling hardware, creating museum exhibits and structures, then historic restoration, and Victorian house additions and remodeling. I have taught in a variety of capacities: high school and elementary school, new carpenters, outdoor recreation and rescue skills. I created a company, Youtoocan DIY, which allows me to help people with their remodeling projects. Currently when I am not working on a building project, I do project management for a planning and architecture firm.”

Workshop Location: 117 S. Taft Hill Rd., Fort Collins, CO

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Hemp Building

Saturday, June 27th 9:00am-3:00pm  $85, 12 people max.

Join us for SLA’a very first industrial hemp building workshop! Participants will gain knowledge in hemp building materials and tools, workplace organization and safety, construction of shuttering to accommodate plumbing, electric, doors & windows, suggested mixing ratios for hemp and lime, pouring and tamping techniques in multiple applications, and how to make industrial hemp construction work for you. The goal of this workshop is to complete one wall, packing around plumbing, electric, windows, and braces.

Our workshop will begin by meeting at 9:00am at Vern’s Place: 4120 Co Rd 54G, Laporte, CO 80535. From there, we will carpool to a private property in High Park. The property is on a remote 4×4 road off of Rist Canyon. Please bring a lunch and drinking water. Wear old work clothes (long sleeve shirt and long pants strongly recommended, as lime is caustic), and sturdy work shoes. Return to Vern’s by 3:00pm. Course instruction by Melissa and Josh Rabe, co-founders of Loveland Hemp Company.

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