5 Areas of Your Life You Can And Should Make More Sustainable

Being sustainable is critical in today’s world, as we all see the effects and implications of climate change in the world around us. There are many areas of our lives where sustainability can be better incorporated, and it is crucial to consider every way you can reduce your impact on the planet.

Some changes can be simple to adopt in your everyday life, while others might take more planning and effort to successfully achieve. You should consider both your personal and professional lives when it comes to sustainability, as there is plenty to do in each to reduce your carbon footprint.


Travelling abroad has long been a staple of British summer time, as people jet off to warmer climates to enjoy the sun, sea and sand. Travelling can be an excellent way to experience the world and learn more about other cultures, but it is crucial to be aware of the environmental impact of travel. Aeroplanes take an enormous amount of fuel to operate, creating significant CO2 emissions, and contributing to global warming.

Instead of a holiday abroad, you could consider taking a staycation, which is a holiday in your home country. This could be something in your local area or something further afield. You could further improve the sustainability of your holidays by getting public transport there and back.


Businesses have a lot of responsibility to act when it comes to climate change and sustainability. Ethical and sustainable practices should be implemented from the top down, so it is crucial that business owners and employees alike know what can be done in a business to improve overall sustainability.

Taking a course in business sustainability management can be a great option for professionals who want to understand how they can make real change from within an organisation. Take a look at this business sustainability course for an idea of the quality and content you should be seeking.


What we eat is another key issue for sustainability and carbon emissions. Meat is one of the least sustainable parts of our diets, particularly beef. Reducing or eliminating your meat consumption can be a great way to live more sustainable – and more healthily. You could consider starting to eat vegetarian for one or two days per week, and building upon it. Then consider going vegan and reducing your reliance on meat and dairy over time.


How we travel can also have huge implications for sustainability, both for long trips and short everyday journeys. More people than ever before own cars, which are massive contributors to climate change. Ditching the car in favour of public transport can be one of the best ways to reduce your carbon footprint. You could also go one better and walk or cycle, which are cheap and emission-free ways to get around.


Fast fashion, imported goods, and unsustainable products are all key issues when it comes to sustainable shopping. Where possible, it is best to shop locally, as products made locally will have a lower carbon footprint getting from the source to your home. Single-use plastics and cheap fast fashion are best avoided. Instead, consider investing in reusable, quality products, or items made of biodegradable materials like bamboo.

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