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Through 20 years of award wining efforts the Sustainable Living Association has provided education, outreach and resources to help people improve their relationship with the planet.


Learn how you can amplify your positive impact on climate mitigation and environmental preservation by participating in our 20 Actions for 20 Years campaign.

Take Action Now

We’ve compiled a list of every day actions that you can incorporate into your life to start living more sustainably.


With ideas ranging from reducing your energy consumption to shopping locally or planting a backyard garden, we’ve provided tips, tools and resources to help you meet your sustainability goals at home and in the community.

You can make a difference every day!

EDUCATE yourself on sustainable practices and inspire others to do the same.

DISCOVER how behavior change can reduce your impact on the planet.

ENGAGE in your community and protect the places you love.

RECOGNIZE what causes climate change.

IDENTIFY ways you can reduce your impact.

COMMUNICATE lessons learned and share your experience.

EMBRACE your power!