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For nearly two decades the Sustainable Living Association has been at the forefront of the sustainable living and lifestyle movement in our region. As a community working collectively, our impact continues to grow through outreach and education.


We are a non-profit organization committed to applying vision and expertise towards a sustainable future for all. We are a solution driven organization with the distinguishing quality to move people towards powerful and profound choices in an effort to stave off complacence about issues affecting our world.


Our educational programs and events offer creative challenges, delivering valuable, long-term benefits for a wide range of community interests that improve the relationship between people and the planet.









Executive Director

Kellie Falbo

Kellie's natural interests in creating a balanced world between human development, our respect for the environment and social responsibility have become her professional journey.


Aleta Weller

Aleta is the Senior Research and Engagement Officer at Colorado State University’s School of Global Environmental Sustainability.

Vice President

Mike Soderholm

Mike is the former VP of Marketing at Otter Products. He has a strong background in brand strategy, digital marketing, PR, events and e-commerce.


Henry Mouton

Henry is the Director of Operations at Distilled Bath and Body, a natural products manufacturer. With a strong background in business scaling, he builds systems and relationships to facilitate growth in companies, always focused on the triple bottom line.


Wendy Serour

Wendy is a Strategic Accounts Specialist for the City of Fort Collins Utilities. She develops partnerships within the Fort Collins community and provides a variety of support to Utilities’ customers with an emphasis on electric and water conservation to help decrease operational costs.

Board Member

Andrew Magaña

Andrew is a University of Missouri graduate and has been living in Fort Collins since 2012. After working in higher education for 7 years Andrew took a job at Odell Brewing Co. After several years in Sales, he joined the HR team to lead the Talent Acquisition and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion areas.

Board Member

Michelle Finchum

Michelle is the Municipal Sustainability Specialist for the City of Fort Collins working to develop a culture of sustainability and operational excellence with an emphasis on the triple bottom line within the organization.

Board Member

Diane Ernst

Diane is a public engagement specialist in Fort Collins, Colorado. Her goal is to have a sustainable impact on individuals, communities and local business. Her passion is to connect people to their community and to empower them to be leaders in sustainability and stewardship.

Board Member

Darius Nabors

Darius works in digital marketing in Fort Collins at Madwire. He's an avid bike to work fan, and has additionally visited all of our countries National Parks.

Program Assistant

Gabrielle Fuerst

Gabrielle is an Impact MBA candidate at Colorado State University and the Sustainable Living Association’s Corporate Sustainability fellow. Her passions lie at the intersection of community, sustainability, and the built environment.

Program Intern

Dominique Ashe

Dominique earned her B.S. in Human Dimensions of Natural Resources from Colorado State Univ. Her passion is environmental stewardship; her purpose lies in developing untapped methods of sustainability for individuals, communities, businesses and governments.


Brooke Hennessey

Brooke recently graduated from Colorado State University studying environmental sociology and business administration. Her goal is to find ways to promote success in businesses while prioritizing environmental responsibility.

A Bit About Us

As an educational non-profit organization, the Sustainable Living Association appeals to all of us as users of the earth’s natural resources. SLA targets those interested in, curious about, or deeply involved in sustainable living options.


As educated community members, we can each reduce the impact on our environment by developing sustainable lifestyles. Living a sustainable lifestyle ensures that social, environmental and economic systems offer a healthy and meaningful life for our citizens, without compromising these factors for future generations.

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