Leadership Program

NEW Sustainability Leadership Program


Today more than ever, society needs committed and creative leaders to promote a world in which economic development can be attained for the benefit of all while conserving the planet’s natural capital and improving people’s living conditions.

Our mission is to develop leaders who will address our present challenges and opportunities so that future generations can enjoy better options than those available today.

The Sustainability Leadership Program will teach you how to:

  • Connect your strengths with the needs of the world.
  • Learn and practice emerging leadership skills and knowledge.
  • Implement innovative solutions to achieve social, economic, and ecological wellbeing.
  • Develop deep and professional relationships with local change-makers.

The Pilot Program runs August 17th through November 16th.  Applications will be available online on May 15th.  Our nine-month program launches in February, please check back for more details or feel free to contact us for more information.