9 Easy Activities That Kids can Enjoy to Learn About Sustainability

Teaching the future generation all about sustainability is crucial. Once we show our kids how to protect the environment, they can play a key role in saving the environment.

However, sustainability can sometimes be complicated. It often involves consumerism, raw materials, and global supply chains.

Thus, you need to break down what sustainability is to your kids. For instance, they need to know why littering is wrong and why they should avoid being wasteful.

In this post, we will walk you through nine of the easy activities that kids can enjoy while learning to be eco-conscious.


1. Plant a tree

You might not have ample space in your property for a large tree. You can start by planting a small tree in your backyard. It might not be much, but this can be your little way of helping the environment.

This is a great activity that your kids can take part in since they’re able to watch the tree as they both grow.

Many local organizations let you find the best place in the community where you can plant trees. You can visit it yearly to mark its progress.

2. Enjoy a family bike ride

Does your family often drive to locations even if it’s accessible by walking or biking?

Then, you might consider this as a great time to spend some outdoor activities with nature with your family. You can also save fuel by getting from one place to another by taking a car with you.

3. Go for a nature walk

Kids love having a sense of purpose. Donning in your gloves, and bringing along a bag, opt for a ‘green walk’ where you can gather little bits of rubbish or trash in the woods or a park near you.

Doing this activity with other children makes this activity even more fun for your kids.

When you’re at home, you can also use it to create and label recycle bins. Your kids can decorate these with pictures related to what goes on each one.

Then, they can do some sorting of their own by placing the right items on these bins.

4. Learn about the three Rs

If you’re still partial to zero-waste living, then it’s high time that you teach your kids about the “three Rs” or Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.

This can be a great jump-off point. You should also search for ways to reduce waste at home, reuse certain things, and recycle. This is an excellent way of letting your children learn how to be more conscious of their environment.

You can also teach your kids the Jack Johnson song, as it’s a great way to help them learn things by singing!

5. Shop Local

Purchasing groceries from local farmers reduces congestion, decreases habitat loss, and lessens pollution.

So, make sure to visit some of the local farms in your area. That way, you and your kids get to learn about local farmers throughout the year.

You can bring it up a notch by taking a short trip to your local farmers market, or even better, making shopping local a part of your routine.

By doing so, your kids can learn more about sustainable food production. All while gathering ingredients for a healthy, delicious meal.

6. Volunteer

Another great way that you and your family can positively impact the environment is to volunteer!

By doing so, you volunteer your time and efforts to a sustainable cause. You’re also doing much good to our planet while getting your kids engaged in the community.

So, set aside some time to attend a regular beach clean-up, a tree planting event, or other beneficial activities.

7. Involve them in green cleaning

Your kids can be one of the most important members of your green cleaning team at home.

At Maid Sailors, we tell our clients to get the kids involved in cleaning the house. Doing so can teach them many things, including being responsible and independent.

8. Talk to them about conservation

Do your kids turn off the water from the sink every time they brush their teeth? Do they turn off the lights, their gadgets, or the television when not in use? Are they aware that sunlight can become electricity?

Having these conversations at home with your kids is an excellent yet straightforward sustainability tip to try. Energy conservation also helps you save money on bills in the long run.

9. Read books about the environment

Books can also be a great source of knowledge, especially for young, curious minds.

By letting them read books about the environment, kids can learn eco-conscious concepts. This includes sustainability, environment conservation, and animal endangerment.

As such, you can drive them to care more about the planet as they grow.


Sustainability all boils down to understanding how our actions can impact the environment. It is also about being aware of the kind of planet we will leave for future generations.

Hopefully, you can try at least one of the fun sustainability activities listed above with your kids!

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