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Donate to our Sustainable Solutions Fundraising Campaign during our 20th Year Celebration September 18-20th and help us reach our goal of $10,000.



Your support will help us:


  • Inspire our youth to become environmental leaders.
  • Develop our Community Conversation Kit on climate change to help people better understand the issues we are facing.
  • Fuel our efforts to help craft a plastics policy to keep pollution out of our rivers and streams.
  • Continue our efforts to protect our natural places through outreach and education.

Thank you for your support!

Do you have a donor-advised fund through a charitable trust or community foundation? If so, you can make a gift through your DAF account to support the Sustainable Living Association.

We want to change the world and with your support our efforts will have a lasting impact on how we live life in Colorado and beyond.



Through 20 years of award wining efforts the Sustainable Living Association has provided education, outreach and resources to help people improve their relationship with the planet.


Join us in a New Decade of Action as we empower people to Find Their Voice, Embrace Change and Make a Difference by developing policies and practices that will uplift the wellbeing of our planet for years to come.

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Or complete the donation form below.  If you prefer to mail a check please make it payable to the SLA, P.O. Box 1095, Fort Collins, CO  80522.  Thank you for your contribution to our work!