Earth Day Videos 2020

We’re so excited to include you all in the Virtual Earth Day Celebration!


This global pandemic will not stop us from celebrating our beautiful planet or working hard to preserve it. This year’s Earth Day celebration might look a little different than it has in the past, but we’re excited to get creative and still bring awareness to this important topic with you, virtually.


Earth Day 2020 will be a 5-day online celebration where we’re inviting community members and businesses to help us celebrate through videos to be shared on the Sustainable Living Association’s social channels. 


We’re excited to include you in the Virtual Earth Day Celebration! Please submit your video for publication by filling out this form.


For more information, please read below.



We’re so excited to have you join us virtually for a fun Earth Day celebration, even if it has to be different than years past. We will be celebrating Earth Day over a 5-day period and would love to have as many voices join us as possible – including yours! 


We hope to publish all the submitted videos, but in order to do so, we ask you to kindly follow these guidelines:


As you think about your video presentation, please keep the following things in mind: 

  • Keep it appropriate and related! We appreciate humor (especially these days) but we can only post videos that are on-topic and safe for family viewing. 
  • You can upload your video directly here, but if your video file size is larger than 64MB, please let Amy ( know and she will send you a link to upload your video directly to a Google Drive folder.


Video Content 



We welcome all video topics and types as long as they relate to Earth Day in some way and are appropriate. 


Some ideas could be:

  • Educational: A brief how-to or workshop relevant to your business, idea, current or past research, or studies related to green living topics. 
  • Informational: What you, your business, your family, or community are doing to reduce your impact on the earth.
  • Motivational: Implore our community to take action in ways that they can and give them some ideas from your life, family, or business that could inspire viewers.



All videos should be no more than 15 minutes total. 




If you have any questions or trouble, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Contact Amy Alcorn at


And finally… 


Remember, this is mostly just for fun and to spread awareness about sustainability-related topics. Everyone is under immense stress these days and this is a good way to help distract people and give them something positive to watch and learn from. You do not have to be perfect, just do your best! We are all giving each other a bit more grace lately so give yourself some as well.


Thank you!