Regeneration Youth Art Project



 Violet Biegert, Age 14, Watercolor/pen


The Blue Whale is the largest animal in the world and like many other species they have been deeply affected by our wrong doings. As the whale swims toward the moon light, we tie it down, our greed blinds us. We must get there first, no matter how, no matter why.

Seed Amid Destruction

Naomi Achter-Pries, Age 13, Digital Image on Paper


This piece is about regrowth. The forest in the background is close to dead, with a lot of trees having fallen over. The city is evenly balanced with the forest, symbolizing my hope that eventually we can find a balance between nature and us. In the foreground, a tree starts to sprout. Despite the struggles of growing in a changing climate, it is still possible. This piece was the third in a series of nearly identical pieces. All of them were made digitally, using FireAlpaca. The first two versions felt like they didn’t match my style, which is why I created three. For each section of the piece, I used two colors- a lighter shade and a darker shade. After all of the colors were down, I lowered the opacity considerably because it felt too bright. I’m happy with the finished product, and feel like it fits both the meaning I was trying to convey and my art style.

Rise from the Ashes

Isabel Hoover, Age 15, Paper dimensional sculpture


My project is titled Rising From Ashes. It’s a multimedia Phoenix I made from cardboard, paper and other random things that I had lying around. I used all materials that would have been thrown away otherwise.

The ReGeneration Generation

Madalyn Pedry, Age 10, Watercolor


The picture represents the interconnection of our ecosystem with each living thing. The only way we can correct and maintain healthy communities, cultures, and our planet is for everyone to look beyond their immediate surroundings and comfort zones and make change for the betterment of the whole. It will be up to my generation to lead by example and not only do all the little things we need to daily- like walking and biking, composting, and growing our own food, but also to become the leaders that make and enforce decisions to take care of our planet and each other.