Earth Day Workshop Schedule 2017

We are very excited for our Workshops this year.  Check out the schedule below:

10am – Morning Yoga with Athleta Fort Collins

Athleta Fort Collins is hosting a donations based yoga class on April 22nd at 10 am at Earth Day Fort Collins!  We are suggesting a minimum $5 cash donation, but bring what you can! Donations will benefit THE TREES & the Sustainable Living Association. We will also have a booth at the fair so stop by to learn more about what Athleta is doing to help support sustainable living! It might surprise you!


11am – Morning Yoga with Old Town Yoga

Let’s root down and flow together honoring our great mother! In this all levels, vinyasa based class we will explore all 4 elements, wind, water, fire and earth. Taking the time to show gratitude and enjoy these elements as we flow through our practice. Tapping into the breathe to bring us into the present moment and using our asana to experience all thing earthly. Create, Flow and Grow.


12pm – Transforming Lawns into Gardens and the Basics of Permaculture

Learn the various ways to convert your lawn into a productive garden and the pros and cons of each.  Explore sod removal, tilling, sheet mulching, raised beds, chicken tractors, perennial guilds, and passive irrigation strategies using rainwater and greywater.

Patrick is a permaculture teacher and practitioner and has a Master’s degree in eco-social design. He is the owner of Padden Permaculture, an ecological landscape design and build company that serves Fort Collins and surrounding areas.  He is passionate about composting and is on a mission to transform the paradigm of conventional landscaping.  Check out


1pm – James Welch Mitchell with Renewablue

Do solar panels really pay off? How do you get an appraiser to appropriately value insulation? This is a great opportunity to hear about the value of energy efficient home updates as they pertain to real estate.


2pm – Tiny Hemp Houses with John Patterson

John Patterson has been a global leader in the industrial hemp industry since 2012 when he attended Steve Allin’s hemp building experience. He has since traveled the world inspiring people to further the industrial hemp mission. He is the lead facilitator for Tiny Hemp Houses events. John inspires people to build with more natural materials while developing a network of global hemp entrepreneurs. We are all on a powerful mission together and these experiences, that attract people from all over the world, are unforgettable, inspirational and powerful.  Our aim is to create an experience that will provide lasting friendships and knowledge.  “It takes a big person to think small.”


3 p.m. – Passive House

Passive House is an international design standard providing for the most energy efficient buildings in the world. 50,000 buildings and counting, from Dubai to Antarctica, provide a unique track record for how we can predictably and steeply reducing energy consumption while improving comfort and occupant well being. Andrew Michler will talk about the first international certified Passive House in Colorado, how it was designed and built, and how our state is an ideal location for Passive House. As a bonus the off-grid project was built with environmentally sensitive materials.

Andrew Michler is a Certified Passive House Consultant, author of Hyperlocalization of Architecture, building designer, and gives regular talks on Passive House around the world. He is chair of the non for profit Passive House Rocky Mountains which provides training and advocacy for the standard.


4 p.m. – Hemp and CBD 

The Fat Pig Society (FPS) is a workers’ cooperative that aims to produce the highest-quality, organic-certified hemp products with high levels of cannabidiol (CBD). CBD is one of many cannabinoids found in cannabis, but unlike the well-known THC, this compound is non-psychoactive and offers a variety of health benefits by rebooting the autonomic nervous system. FPS will discuss all aspects of the hemp industry from breeding and propagation to processing and the distribution of high-quality CBD products.