Earth Day Workshop Schedule 2016

We are very excited for the addition of the Workshop tent this year.  Check out the schedule below:

11am – THRIVE with Peak Health & Wellness

A discussion about how to support the life you live while caring for the planet that sustains us.

Kellie Falbo, Health Coach, Peak Health & Wellness

Wellness authority Kellie Falbo is living proof of our ability to create our own health and wellbeing. A motivational master who speaks from personal experience, Kellie is a certified health coach and public speaker who transforms lives through self-healing and lifestyle-management techniques that support physical, mental and spiritual health.

Widely recognized for her energy and candor, Kellie encourages her audiences and clients to accept nothing less than optimal health and wellness. She works one on one and in groups to help others find mind-body balance; discover the benefits of eating whole, nurturing foods; and prevent the damaging effects of illness and stress.


12pm – Chicken Care for beginners with the Chicken Man Greg Michaud,  from The Old Feed Store in Laporte. Greg will get you comfortable to start your own flock, and discuss the tools you need to be successful.


1pm – Golden Poppy – What’s in your Summer Fun Kit?
Have you looked at the ingredients of your sunscreen and bug spray lately? Did you ever wonder what all of those chemicals are?  We did too, and when we found out we quickly decided we didn’t want to use them anymore, ever again! So we set out to make more natural versions that would still be effective.

Come listen to Herbalist Risa Palmer of Golden Poppy Herbal Apothecary talk about the natural ingredients you can use in sunscreen and bug spray to keep your family protected this spring and summer.


2pm – Larimer County Cooperative Extension Master Gardeners – Tree identification walk.
Master Gardener Bill Ciesla will do a walking tour of the trees around Civic Center Park. He will discuss ID characteristics, attributes, pros/cons and disease and insect issues.


3 p.m. – Gardens on Spring Creek – Composting

Join the Gardens on Spring Creek for an interactive workshop exploring the ins and outs of composting. We will explore the basics of what it is, why it is important, how to start your own and addressing common compost problems. Kids and adults will also enjoy getting up close with the mighty creatures that help with the decomposition process.

The workshop will be facilitated by Ashley Young M.Ed.  the Education Coordinator at The Gardens on Spring Creek.


4 p.m. – Bee Basics – Amanda Broz 

Come learn some fun facts about bees, why they are important, and how you can help promote these fascinating insects in your own back yard.  Get your hands on bee keeping equipment and find out if it is the right hobby for you.

Amanda Broz has been a beekeeper for the past 6 years and currently works as a plant scientist in the biology department at CSU.