Fort Collins Developer Receives Coveted DOE Housing Innovation Award

Revive Properties and Philgreen Construction have, for the third straight year, received recognition from the Department of Energy (DOE) as market leaders in energy-efficient homebuidling and design. The Housing Innovation Award is a rare distinction achieved in this case by a combination of features including:

  • Energy- and water-saving features
  • Building techniques and finishes which enhance indoor air quality and comfort
  • On-site geothermal and solar energy production.

“Housing Innovation Award winners represent the top 1% of builders across the country who successfully demonstrate they can meet the federal government’s most rigorous specifications for high-performance homes,” notes Sam Rashkin, Chief Architect at the DOE’s Building Technologies Office.

“You know, sometimes you win these things and you think you’re lucky. I don’t think this is luck. I think this is hard work, innovation and putting together a team and a vision,” notes Chad Adams, Owner and Developer. “We combined a lot of forces to make this happen.”

Adams and his business partners including development consultant and broker, Susan McFaddin, President of Seven Generations, and Dave Phillips, President of Philgreen Construction, are thrilled to be receiving the DOE’s Housing Innovation Award for the third straight year.

“I really think the program’s important for government officials, for engineers, for architects and the public in general,” Adams remarks. “It really helps to solidify people’s opinions about what is possible with green construction and energy. … We need to really start attacking that and get our energy footprint down in this country.”

Community impact

  • A study on Revive’s water use found that Revive properties use 50 percent less water than conventional properties.
  • Other new housing developments are using Revive’s data to design more efficient homes, while the City is using it to set new standards.
  • A partner in the Fort Collins Climate Action Plan, Revive Properties is also helping to provide a road map to a zero-carbon future.


Revive’s McIntosh model and the Lotus townhome model each earned this year’s Housing Innovation Award in the Production and Multifamily Homes categories. A third-party energy auditor estimated that they would provide annual utilities savings of $2,806 and $2,414 respectively compared to an average U.S. home. (Estimated savings take into account rebates which the utility issues for surplus energy production.)

The models which received this year’s awards feature 100% LED lighting, ENERGY STAR appliances, WaterSense plumbing, dual-flush toilets and optional electric car charging stations. Rooftop solar panels are also placed strategically to optimize on-site electricity generation.

Last year, Revive was one of two multi-family residential developments in the U.S. to receive the Housing Innovation Award. In 2016 Revive also received two Housing Innovation Awards in the Production Homes and Multifamily Homes categories.


About Revive Properties: Just minutes from Old Town Fort Collins, Revive Properties are high-performance homes built to the Department of Energy’s Zero Energy Ready Home standards, which only the top 1% of builders achieve. Revive is about developing healthy, sustainable and resilient homes and being a leader in energy conservation and comfort. The Homes of the Future — available today.

About Seven Generations: A Real Estate Brokerage and Development specializing in energy efficient and zero energy buildings, Seven Generations is based on the Iroquoi Indian philosophy that the decisions we make today affect the next seven generations. We have a triple bottom line ethos, recognizing that each of our decisions influence the 3 Ps of people, planet and profit. Sustainability is our call to arms.

About Philgreen Construction: Philgreen’s mission is to create a quality custom building experience within your budget and to your satisfaction. Our business philosophy is simple – deliver the product you want at a fair price. You will find us friendly, attentive and willing to accommodate your needs. We listen to what you want, and deliver it.

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