Going Green: 8 Must-Have Books On Sustainability And Eco-Friendly Living

We need to completely revolutionize the way we live and work on our planet. But how do we go about taking actionable steps and change our daily habits? Where do environmentally and ethically aware consumers find the information they need? Below are some great books sure to arm you with all the information you need to begin changing your habits toward living a healthier, happier and eco-friendly lifestyle.

The first must-read book is Kathryn Kellogg’s ‘101 Ways To Go Zero Waste’. This book is designed for people who unsure where to start. It gives valuable tips and tricks on how to reduce your household waste. It even includes some DIY cleaning product recipes. The book provides useful information without being preachy which makes this a must-have book on any eco-living bookshelf.

The next book you need to read for those serious about living a more sustainable lifestyle is ‘Minimal’ by Madeleine Olivia. This book focuses on caring for oneself in an eco-friendly way. She introduces a mindful approach to reducing the reader’s impact on the planet. “She provides information on all facets of day to day living. The primary focus is on making small, lasting changes and how they can have a huge impact on sustainable living,” says Gilbert Kirk, a writer at Essayroo and OXEssays.

If you want a book with easily digestible information and backed by scientific research look no further than ‘Plastic Purge’ by Michael SanClements. It focuses solely on plastics. It explains how they are harmful to us and the environment. He then goes on to give advice on what we can do to reduce our reliance on this material. It’s divided into three easy categories: the good (the plastics we cannot avoid like our phones and life-saving medical equipment, the bad (food storage containers and children’s toys), and the ugly (single-use plastic such as store-bought water). SanClements provides tons of valuable tips and tricks to help kickstart any green lifestyle.

Another exciting read is ‘This Changes Everything’ by Naomi Klein. This award-winning book tackles the myths surrounding climate change. She focuses heavily on the intersection between the climate debate and capitalism. This book explores a slightly different approach to sustainability by looking at it through a political lens.

‘The Story Of Stuff’ by Annie Leonard tackles the overconsumption issue and its environmental and ethical impacts on the planet and our societies. “The author discusses the ideas behind why we are all obsessed with owning more and more things. Then, she moves onto how we can come back from this obsession and create more sustainable and ethical ways of living through individual, community, and political actions,” says Mary Adams, a journalist at Paper Fellows and State Of Writing.

Crissy Trask’s ‘It’s Easy Being Green: A Handbook for Earth-Friendly Living’ seeks to provide answers to the divide between people’s thoughts on environmentalism and taking actions to live a more sustainable lifestyle. The book contains easy, practical steps to help make even the busiest person’s life more environmentally friendly. Trask’s ‘something not nothing’ approach will leave any new eco-warrior feeling like they too can save the planet.

‘Walkable City’ by Jeff Speck offers a slightly different twist to eco-friendly living. Speck looks at urban spaces and reducing the reliance on cars within them. This text adds a physical exercise element to saving the planet. This book talks about how to make cities less about driving cars and more about walking. It discusses how it can be easily implemented and how to recognize what needs to be done to accomplish this goal.

If fashion and beauty are your niche, reading ‘The Sustainable Fashion Handbook’ by Sandy Black & Hilary Alexander will offer a unique look into making fashion more sustainable and less exploitative. This text features collections of essays from today’s top minds as well as key ideas from some of the fashion industries leading designers. This book also includes case studies on fair trade projects and the life cycle of jeans.

These eight books are some of the best on sustainability and eco-friendly living, by some of the most brilliant minds on the subject.  They offer actionable things we can do. These books inspire lasting, impactful changes that will pave the way for a healthier, more environmentally conscious lifestyle.

Katherine Rundell is an eco-friendly writer and editor at Essay Writing Services and Academic Writing Service. As a professional writer, she writes about Computer Science and technology. In her spare time, she likes to code and blog at Professional Essay Service

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