Are Smart Homes for all ages?

Technology is developing daily and the pace at which it is taking place is increasing at an exponential level. Smart homes technology is just one of the latest trends in the wide spectrum of tech trends happening worldwide. Some generations may find it hard to keep up with all the changes, especially most older generations who grew up with no digital technology. Are Smart Homes for all ages? Here is an infographic that may answer your questions.

What do the stats say?
Out of all the users in America, the top age group is people between the ages of 25 – 34 (34,6%). Second is the age group of 35 – 44 (25,9%). They are followed by 18 – 24 (18,2%). Then follows the age group 45 – 54 (14,9%) and lastly 55 – 64 (6,5%).

What does it represent?
It is hard to say what determines these figures. Customer expenditure is determined by many factors. Remember, these products and devices still need to be purchased. A customer’s budget will also determine their purchase decision of course.

It’s logical to assume that the age groups with more available income will be the more prominent Smart home users. But, the customers’ willingness to spend does not determine whether the product is compatible with their age group.

Is It For All Age Groups?
Yes, smart homes are designed with each age group in mind. Specific products will appeal to different age groups. But, Smart homes (in general) are for every age group. Don’t let the stats determine your opinion. Smart homes are designed to benefit every user.

Let It Work For You
No matter your age. You can buy your own smart home setup. Take a good look at your needs and purchase the products that will help you the most. The infographic will help you see what impact this technology already has.

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