How to Make Your Beach Getaway More Sustainable

Many people love going to the beach. Unless you have a fear of the water, you’re probably planning your most awaited summer vacation now. If you aim to help protect the planet and mitigate climate change, learn how to make a beach vacation more sustainable with these 10 tips.

1. Book Direct Flights

If you need to fly to your destination, choose nonstop options to reduce travel pollution. In 2021, the transport industry contributed a massive 37% of carbon dioxide emissions, worsening climate change. Planes burn a lot of fuel during takeoff and landing, contributing air pollutants that harm the planet.

Your most environmentally friendly choice is to travel by land, using trains or buses. They offer a more fuel-efficient journey. If flying is a must, book a direct flight. It may cost more, but it does a lot to keep the planet healthy.

2. Choose Green Accommodations

The number of hotels and tour companies curving into the green zone is increasing. Online travel sites and hotel aggregators have a feature to filter eco-friendly lodgings — there’s a box you can tick on for this. This extra step in your hotel search will make your beach getaway eco-friendly.

Some accommodations also have environmental certifications attached to their brands. Spotting them should be easy.

3. Try Public Transportation

Another excellent method to make a beach getaway more sustainable is to use public transportation. Each car on the road releases about one pound of carbon dioxide emissions every mile driven. Imagine the amount of harmful chemicals the environment has to take daily.

Always choose public transportation, whether your beach getaway is near home or abroad. It’s affordable and perfect if you’re going on a budget trip. Plus, it’s sustainable. Sharing rides in a single vehicle creates fewer air pollutants.

4. Opt for the Least Carbon-Intensive Rides

If you want a transport option that’s less abrasive to the environment, consider walking or renting a bike when touring around. Some transport systems can be hard to navigate, which makes you want to give them a pass. If your hotel is a distance from the beach, biking all the way there offers two-in-one merits — it’s good for the planet and even better for your health.

5. Pack Sustainable Travel Essentials

People plan for a summer break often with only one thing in mind — to relax. What’s better, you can make this vacation more than just about relaxation by reducing the waste this trip will generate.

Enjoy the beach in ways that don’t contribute to climate change or damage the natural resources by bringing reusable essentials like:

  • An insulated aluminum water bottle.
  • A recyclable tote bag.
  • A stainless steel straw.
  • Non-plastic plates and cups.


They may pack a little weight, but you can have fun and leave zero waste, which is worth every effort.

6. Avoid Single Use Plastic

A nod to the previous tip, eliminating plastic is the best thing you can do to save the ocean. This waste chokes the sea, contaminates marine life and accelerates climate change. Shockingly, 91% of plastic isn’t recycled at all. Only about 19% is incinerated and the rest is dumped in landfills or the environment. Many end up in the oceans, poisoning the corals and sea life.

The beach you’d be swimming on could get contaminated if this problem persists. Say “no” to single-use plastic and you’ll massively help the planet.

7. Use Reef-Safe Sunscreen

Since the beach encourages time outdoors, your skin can soak up more natural light that increases vitamin D production, decreases depressive feelings and makes you feel happier. However, sunscreen is an absolute must. You need to wear it all the time since the harmful UV rays can damage the connective tissue on your face, causing the skin to fold, sag and become wrinkly.

The best sunscreen is one that’s reef-friendly and keeps the ocean happy. Many products contain these two harmful active substances — oxybenzone and octinoxate. Steer clear from brands with these ingredients.

Each year, 14,000 tons of sunscreen make their way into oceans, destroying diverse ecosystems, so be mindful when choosing your sun protection product. Additionally, pick one with biodegradable packaging to skip the plastic.

8. Join Eco-Friendly Water Activities

Avoid jet skiing and motorized parasailing. These recreations contribute to noise pollution, disrupt marine wildlife and consume tremendous fuel, releasing significant carbon emissions. What are your alternatives? Depending on the location, swimming with whale sharks gives the best summer memory.

You’ll love splashing around with them in famous worldwide destinations, like La Paz in Mexico, the Maldives or Ningaloo Reef in Australia. These lovely ocean creatures frequent warm seas from November to April, so you’ll likely get a close-up encounter if you plan your getaway within this period.

Some activities that can give you the same level of excitement are surfing, paddleboarding and kayaking. If done responsibly, you can also enjoy island hopping. These beach activities have the least environmental impact on the planet.

9. Bring a Portable Solar Charger

A portable solar charger is a sustainable way to power your phone’s battery on the go. It provides enough energy to take stunning snaps and videos nonstop, access the internet, and receive calls. It’s also convenient because you can take it anywhere. Opting for this renewable option curbs your carbon footprint and supports your sustainable goals.

10. Eat From Local Restaurants

Make your beach trip more eco-friendly by trying dishes at local diners. Fortunately, food establishments are also joining the sustainability switch, so green restaurant selections are broad.

These establishments often source their ingredients from local farmers or markets, cutting down the emissions in the distribution chain. Moreover, they offer a unique food experience in a more budget-friendly way.

Make Your Beach Getaway More Sustainable

Going on a beach vacation is the ultimate summer holiday. You can make the best memories and help save the planet by choosing to travel sustainably. Choose to go green whenever you can, from your mode of transport to your accommodation and activities. Make your experience fun yet eco-friendly by following these 10 tips for a successful green getaway.

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