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Here’s what people are saying about the Program:

The Sustainability Leadership Program is an opportunity to learn about various and diverse perspectives regarding sustainability, which helps broaden our minds and goals in terms of how we can make a difference either in our careers or in our personal lives. – Laura Quattrini, Bird Conservancy of the Rockies

The Sustainability Leadership Program was a fascinating dive into applying the triple bottom line to inform real world solutions. The content is expertly curated, delivered by professionals in their far-ranging fields, and unifies seemingly disparate industries with the core tenet of sustainability. I came away from the program with tools that will continue to help my organization’s sustainability efforts and priceless connections to the other participants. – Cat Zummer, Training and Development Specialist, Organic India (B-corp)



This program is wonderful. If you want to learn more about sustainability for yourself or your organization, this is a holistic way to learn all the different aspects of the triple bottom line. Very informative and several takeaways from every class! – Kaitlin Swift, Program Manager, Otter Products



The Sustainability Leadership class was instrumental in helping the City pilot and improve its “Triple Bottom Line Scan” tool through a meaningful service project.   We are excited about future opportunities to partner with the leadership program participants on other timely issues as well, to capitalize on their expertise and support sustainability in our community.  – Jackie Kozak Thiel, Chief Sustainability Officer for the City of Fort Collins



This program renewed a passion in me to be a strong advocate on behalf of social and environmental sustainability movements. It can be wearing to face constant opposition to a cause that I truly believe in.  Having  gone through the course, I met a lot of great people, picked up some useful tools and I have been re energized in my beliefs. Thank you. – Todd Parker, Director of Development, Brinkman (B-corp)



The Sustainability Leadership Program is a very insightful program that breeds discussions on how to improve business practices and drive impactful change. -Aubrey McCormick, Vice President, Sustainable Business Consulting

Today more than ever, society needs committed and creative leaders – like you – to promote a world in which economic development can be attained for the benefit of ALL while conserving the planet’s natural capital and improving people’s living conditions.

2022 Program Participants:

  • Alyssa Vogan, Town of Superior, Sustainability Analyst
  • David Pritchett, City of Fort Collins, Building Automation Technician
  • Jay April, Retired, Strategist
  • Mary Baird, Hach, Director of Global Sales & Project Enablement
  • Monica O’Reilly, Institute for the Built Environment, Sustainability Associate
  • Stephen Decatur, Larimer County, Emergency Management Coordinator
  • Audrea Butler, Better Business Bureau, VP Business Relationships & Technology
  • Noelani Salas, Tress, Water & People, Office Manager
  • Matt Bailey, Odell Brewing, Plant Manager
  • Dean Pearson, City of Fort Collins, Parks Technician

2021 Program Participants:

  • Aleksandra Pawlowski, Iconergy, Project Engineer
  • Caitlin May, City of Fort Collins, Sustainability Coordinator
  • Camille Pollan, City and County of Broomfield, Community Sustainability Manager
  • David Nebel, Otter Products, Product Development Lead
  • Emily Zeller, City and County of Denver Parks and Recreation, Parks Operation Officer
  • Abby Sands, Chook Charcoal Chicken, General Manager
  • Kira Koppel, Eagle River Water & Sanitation District, Sustainability Coordinator
  • Bob Doyle, Retired, Environmental Engineer
  • John Parks, Colorado State University, Environmental Policy MA Student
  • Kim Hagen Rapp, Flagstaff Academy, Business Office Assistant
  • Trueman Hoffmeister, YMCA of the Rockies, General Manager
  • Carrie Rossman, YMCA of the Rockies, Vice President of Philanthropy
  • Abby Engel, Hewlett Packard, Materials Steward and Environmental Engineer

2020 Program Participants:

  • Julie Pignataro, City of Fort Collins, City Council Member District 2
  • Shayle Sabo, Larimer County Office of Emergency Management, Coordinator
  • Montana Suave, Mugs Coffee Lounge, Sustainability Coordinator
  • Amy Maxey, City of Fort Collins, Environmental Services
  • Jordan Richardson, PRO*ACT, Sustainability Coordinator
  • Jane Griffin, Human Bean, Senior Manager
  • Diane Ernst, City of Fort Collins Natural Areas, Public Engagement Specialist
  • Ally Little, Black Hills Energy, Environmental Professional
  • Janae Malpas, Juniper Initiative, Founder
  • Kaitlyn Swift, Otterbox, Program Manager
  • Katherine Bailey, City of Fort Collins, Resource Conservation Specialist
  • Chris Gorman, Active Interest Media, Video Editor and Producer
  • Lauren Kennedy, Advanced Energy, Electrical Engineer & Product Marketing Specialist
  • Shelley Bayard de Volo, Larimer County Engineering, Environmental Coordination Specialist
  • Kymbre Grauberger, Gallegos Sanitation, Sales Associate
  • Dan Coxall, Children’s Hospital, Vice President of Support Services
  • Bethany Beers, Mazzetti, Energy Commissioning Consultant
  • Frank Cole, CAP Management, Vice President of Administration

2019 Program Participants:

  • Jamie Gaskill, City of Fort Collins, FC Bikes Program Specialist
  • Aaron Shulte, Anheuser Busch, Senior EHS Manager
  • Chris Wood, Platte River Power Authority, Environmental Compliance Manager
  • Daniel Talero, E9 Energy Insight, Research Associate
  • Emily Freeman, City and County of Denver Department of Public Health and Environment, EMS Program Administrator
  • Laura Quattrini, Bird Conservancy of the Rockies, Stewardship Program Manager
  • Lori Hodges, Larimer County, Director of Emergence Management
  • Maria Thompson, Fenix Outdoor North America, Sustainability Lead
  • Shanna Shelby, City and County of Denver, Cultural Affairs Program Administrator
  • Chris Crigler, Cap Management, Owner
  • Manisha Paralikar, Anthesis Consulting Group, Consultant
  • Dianne Tjalkens, City of Fort Collins, Grants Program Administrator
  • Kaye Matthews, Environmental Protection Agency, Retired
  • Tatum Cochran, Ginger and Baker, Events and Marketing Coordinator
  • Ashley Dancer, CBRE, Associate Director Healthcare Brokerage Team
  • Garrett Bouncier, BMW, Product Specialist
  • Bernice Garcia-Tellez, City of Longmont, Economic Sustainability Specialist

2018 Program Participants:

  • Kathryn Ashley, Vestas
  • Peter Levine, Brinkman, Assistant Development Manager
  • Steve Roalstad, Platte River Power Authority, Communications and Marketing Manager
  • Carol Cochran, Horse and Dragon Brewing, Co-owner
  • Maureen Phenix, Growcentia, Community Outreach Manager
  • Kimberly Miller, Citizen
  • Kristi Lovett, CPP Wind Engineering, Marketing and Business Development Manager
  • Elliot Dale, City of Fort Collins, Senior Buyer
  • Erich Whisenhunt, Rio Grande Restaurant, Director of Food and Beverage
  • Mark Brown, Motherlove, Logistics
  • Jensen Morgan, City of Fort Collins, Business Analyst
  • Josh Evans, Southridge Golf Course, Maintenance Technician
  • Hazelle Tomlin, CSU Greenhouse Gas Accounting Major, Student
  • David Demurring, Colorado Picked Farm, Owner
  • Kathy Evans, National Association for Interpretation, Certification and Training Program Administrator
  • Jacob Sanchez, Hewlett Packard, Sustainability and Compliance Program Manager
  • Angie Acton, Europa Spa and Armstrong Hotel

2017 Program Participants:

  • Corey Odell, Odell Brewing Company, Sustainability Coordinator
  • Trudy Trimbath, Poudre School District, Energy and Sustainability Manager
  • Javier Echerrevia, Motherlove, Sustainability Coordinator
  • Catherine Zummer, Organic India, Training and Development Specialist
  • Todd Parker, Brinkman, Director of Development
  • Dawn Paepke, Kaiser Permanente, Sr. Specialist Community Relations
  • Lindsey Gates, CGRS, Environmental Staff Scientist
  • Tatiana Davila, CGRS, Staff Geologist
  • Michael Pruzn, Citizen
  • Nick Heimann, City of Fort Collins FC Bikes, Program Specialist
  • Nicole Spear, Institute for the Built Environment, Business and Office Operations Coordinator
  • Aubrey McCormick, Sustainable Business Consulting, VP of Business Strategy