Learn to Clear the Air and Live Honestly

It may seem ludicrous that you have air pollution inside your home, until you consider that air pollution includes any unnatural particles in the air. Dust and dirt inside the home gets into your lungs, causing you and your family allergies or illnesses. Every homeowner needs to learn how to clear the air in the home while staying as ecologically responsible as possible.

Throw Out the Chemicals

You’ll be surprised to learn that much of the air pollution indoors is caused by the chemicals used to clean. Consider the chemicals in your home. Many of them have volatile organic compounds, or VOC’s. This means that they release particles into the air after use. The particles are released easily, and many are hazardous to humans over time. VOC’s are recognized most often by smell, so if a cleaning chemical has a strong smell, there are harmful VOC’s polluting the indoor air. Switch to as many organic cleaners as possible, such as baking soda or apple cider vinegar.

Embrace the Tree

Look to the natural flooring underneath the carpeting in your home. If you can get rid of the carpet, you can get rid of a surprising number of allergens. This is a natural, eco-friendly way to reduce air pollution, especially when you find a recycling facility for the material. Be sure to finish the floor with organic materials to reduce the amount of chemicals in the home. Cleaning on a regular basis will also be easier, as will reducing the amount of mold in the home.

Switch Old Items for Environmentally Friendly Equipment

Increase your relationship with the air in your home through eco-friendly equipment. Buy energy efficient fans to help move the air through the home, and invest in a filtering vacuum. The vacuum will pull the particles into the machine instead of blowing them back into the room. Replace the fireplace with a smoke free version to avoid pushing pollution into the room. Use ceiling fans to keep air flowing, but make sure to dust them regularly.

Clean It Up

Simply cleaning the house will help reduce the allergens and particles in the air. Dust everything with a microfiber, reusable cloth. You’ll stay green when you skip the paper towels and you’ll attract the dust to the cloth, not into the air. Vacuum any carpets that remain, and use natural products to mop floors. After the dust and dirt is collected, discarding the dirty mop water will be safer because there are no chemicals in the water.

By – Sally Writes

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