Simple Ways To Make Your Fridge More Sustainable

Keeping perishable foods fresh has posed a challenge since the dawn of time. Thanks to ever-evolving refrigeration technology, however, the world has come a long way since raw meat and dairy products had to be buried underground in an attempt to keep them fresher for longer. Unfortunately, it is no secret that refrigerators consume a lot of energy. Apart from investing in an ENERGY STAR certified refrigerator, there are also a number of other things you can do to render your fridge more sustainable.

Glass trumps plastic

Although plastic containers are a staple in many households, glass is by far the superior food storage solution. Glass is not only a recyclable, sustainable material, but also tends to keep food a lot colder than plastic does, which results in less work for your fridge. Additionally, if you pick quality glass containers to store your food, they can go from the fridge to the microwave and onto the table, decreasing the number of dirty dishes you need to use water and detergent on later. Even if you don’t put your glass storage jar in the fridge, the food inside it will take longer to spoil than it would have if left open or sealed in a plastic container.

Keep your fridge clean and organized

One of the easiest ways to render your fridge more sustainable is to keep it clean and organized. The easier it is to find something in your fridge, the less time you need to spend looking for things with the door open. When the door of the fridge is closed, it consumes less electricity, making it more sustainable. Your produce will also last longer in a clean fridge. If your fridge is dirty, the chances of bacterial growth increase exponentially. Once bacteria grows on one food item, it can spread rapidly, and you may soon have to replace half the contents of your fridge, costing you money. Always make use of eco-friendly fridge cleaners, and use any spoiled fruit and vegetables to create a compost heap for your garden.

Keep the coils clean

If you want your fridge to be as sustainable as possible, you need to ensure that it works as efficiently as possible. The refrigerator coils, which are located underneath and at the back of your fridge, are the main component in the unit’s cooling system. If they become dusty, they are less efficient at cooling the fridge, which can result in an increased energy bill and spoiled food. If you want your fridge to keep your perishables fresh, you need to give its coils a thorough clean at least twice a year. You can make use of a vacuum cleaner with a long brush attachment or use an old toothbrush. Always remember to switch the fridge off while you clean the coils.

The refrigerator is definitely not the most sustainable and energy-efficient appliance in the house. Luckily there are a number of things that can be done to make the task of keeping your perishables fresh increasingly sustainable.

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