Peer to Peer Advisory Group

Peer Advisory Group for Northern Colorado



This Peer to Peer Advisory Group is a network for professionals working to advance sustainability through services, products or organizational design in business, philanthropies, non-profits, municipalities, or other organization contexts.


This program is available to Business Owners, Sustainability Directors, Managers and Entrepreneurs in organizations with shared core values, seeking reliable and actionable advice from a trusted community of results driven leaders.  Through peer group discussions participants gain perspectives and share expertise with others who have faced similar challenges and broaden their exposure across a range of sustainability issues. DOWNLOAD FLIER


This cohort-learning group launches September 11, 2019 and is limited to 15 participants from a variety of diverse organizations. Applications are accepted on a continuous basis. Additional applications will be reviewed as space becomes available in the program.  Members meet on the second Wednesday, every other month, from 9am-2pm in Fort Collins.




Group members learn how to improve organizational performance and reach organizational goals to achieve their vision, with support from high caliber business leaders, subject matter experts and experienced conveners and facilitators.



“This program provides thoughtful discussion to challenge your thinking to become a more effective leader and decision maker while being held accountable by yourself and group members in a trusting environment.”

Peer Group Program Outcomes

  • PEER TO PEER work sessions, sharing best practices, team building activities, expert speakers, and peer accountability.
  • ADULT LEARNING TECHNIQUES, complexity science, systemic thinking and critical thinking applications will be used throughout to enable you and your organization to successfully muscle your way through the most complex sustainability challenges and problems.
  • Develop NEW NETWORKS with mentors from outside your organization.
  • Set PERFORMANCE GOALS for your organization and metrics to measure them.
  • Advance beyond sustainability to REGENERATIVE DEVELOPMENT through expert guidance and inquiry.
  • Develop customized strategic approaches to SUPPORT INTERNAL SUSTAINABILITY AND EXTERNAL BRAND ELEATION AND DIFFERENTIATION within and outside your organization.
  • Growth, progress and insight both PERSONALLY AND PROFESSIONALLY.

Working Group Sessions Explore Topics like:

  • Aligning Sustainability with Business Strategy
  • Measuring Impact
  • Cultivating Meaningful Connection with Buyers and Supporters
  • Identifying Powerful Pursuits and Leverage Points
  • Building Partnerships that Amplify Impact
  • Developing Structures, Processes, & Operations
  • All topics are explored in a non-competitive and confidential environment


Program Facilitation – Guided by Experience


The professional facilitation of peer roundtables, workshops and individual coaching results in candid discussion and practical advice.  The confidential setting and third-party perspective allows for a true exchange of ideas and observations that leaders need to hear.


The Peer Advisory Program will provide you with an experienced group of advisors and a seasoned facilitator – who can offer you advice, feedback, and critical thinking around the challenges you all share in common.


The role of the facilitator is to chair the meetings, keep meetings on time and on point, ensure there is strong motivation behind the group, help each member understand one another’s unique contribution, and deliver the outcomes each member is striving for as part of their being involved.


Josie Plaut is Associate Director for the Institute for the Built Environment at Colorado State University where she guides companies, municipalities and organizations through developing capacity and action plans for regeneration. Josie is a strategic facilitator with a proven track record for guiding teams to realize their visions, goals and strategic priorities. Her recent work spans domestic and international clients across a variety of scales including buildings, municipal programs, master plans, district scale projects, and in organizational development. She brings a unique combination of subject matter expertise in regeneration, effective facilitation, and systems thinking, resulting in shared purpose, clarity of vision and engagement from project constituents. Josie is a published and cited author on the topics of sustainability, green building, and regeneration and has been a featured speaker at multiple local and national events.