Thinking About Solar Panels – Here’s What You Should Know

People are becoming more and more environmentally conscious. They’re recycling more than ever and paying more attention to how their actions directly affect the environment. One question that many homeowners ask is: “How can I efficiently minimize my impact on the environment and be more environmentally friendly?”

One answer to that question is: solar panels. Solar power is a ‘green’ option that allows homeowners the ability to have a renewable source of energy in the home, which lowers their energy bills and is more eco-friendly.

So, maybe you’re thinking about adding solar panels to your home and want to know more about them before you consider installing them. If that’s the case, then read on! 

Take Stock of Energy Usage

Before you think about installing solar panels, you need to take a good look at your family’s energy usage. If you have a large family or engage in activities that consume a lot of power, the installation of solar panels will greatly reduce your need for power from your energy provider, which in turn will reduce your utility bills. However, if your family doesn’t use that much energy, solar panels won’t be as big of a benefit.

Look at Your Roof

For the solar panels to be effective, they need optimum exposure to the sun, which means you’ll need to take a good look at your roof and see if solar panels are a good fit. Is your roof overshadowed by trees? Does it have steep slopes which might not pick up the sun’s rays? If your solar panels don’t get the amount of sun they need, it’s going to be a waste of money to install them and you’re not going to reap the benefits. Also, if your roof is in need of replacement or will be in need in a few years, you should hold off on any solar panel installation until you’re ready to put on a new roof.

Where Do You Live

If you live in a climate that is overcast much of the time, then solar panels won’t benefit you. The best places are areas that get lots of sun, such as California, Texas, Florida, and so on.

Check Your Bank Account

Solar panel installation is expensive, and not all homeowners can fork over the cash needed to put them in. Thankfully, states offer incentives such as tax breaks that soften the blow of installation costs. It’s also worth considering how much money you’ll save on your energy bills too. It’s estimated that the average consumer saves $20,000 over a 20-year span with the addition of solar panels, so while there is a high up-front cost, you can usually recoup that investment in savings down the road.

Solar panels are a great way to reduce your dependency on fossil fuels and other means of electric production, all while saving you money on your energy bills, but they’re not for everyone. If you’re unsure, talk to a roofing contractor and see if solar panels are right for your home.

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