What to Know About Environmentally Friendly Roofs

Today, being concerned about the environment is more prevalent in our culture than ever. And there are many things the average homeowner can do to make their home more ‘green.’ One area people often ignore when thinking how to be environmentally conscious is their roof, but the fact is there are a variety of environmentally friendly roofing options available if you’re considering building a new home or replacing your roof.

In this article, we look at what options are available and the components that affect the environment.

Things That Negatively Impact The Environment

Two main issues with roofs that harm the environment are the energy efficiency of the roof and the materials used in the construction. Most roofing materials aren’t recyclable, which means when you replace your roof, the old shingles get thrown into a landfill.

Energy efficiency is another area where roofs can harm the environment. If your roofing shingles do a poor job at keeping your home warm or cold, your HVAC system will work harder, which wastes energy and causes higher energy bills.

Roofing Sacrifices To Maintain Eco-friendliness

While you may want eco-friendly roofing materials for your home, know that these materials and the contractors who know how to install them aren’t as readily available as traditional asphalt shingles. Also remember that if you get eco-friendly roofing materials installed, you may have a tougher time getting someone to fix them when something goes wrong. So one sacrifice you might have to make to get an environmentally friendly roof is to pay more for your roofing material and a contractor to do the installation.

According to a Frisco roofing company, another sacrifice you may have to make is with the longevity of the materials. Some eco-friendly roofing tiles don’t last as long as their asphalt counterparts, which means you’ll be replacing tiles more frequently. Also, eco-friendly roofing tiles are more expensive than traditional materials so keep that in mind too.

Environmentally Friendly Roof Options

If you’re dead set on getting an eco-friendly roof and are okay with the sacrifices you’ll make to get one, there are options to consider.

  1. White/Cool Roof: A white roof made of white shingles is ideal for keeping your home cool by reflecting the sun’s rays instead of absorbing heat as dark-colored shingles do.
  2. Recycled Shingles: Shingles made from recycled plastic, wood fiber, or rubber are a great way to make your home greener.
  3. Metal Roofs: Metal reflects the sun just like white shingles do, and it’s one of the more durable materials you can use, which means less repair and a longer lifespan.
  4. Wood: Wood is natural and recyclable which makes it ideal for those who want an eco-friendly roof, however wood doesn’t last long, so keep that in mind.
  5. Clay: Clay lasts longer than metal and has the light reflecting properties of white shingles making it an excellent choice for the environmentally conscious.

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