Why Green Landscaping Is Important for Businesses

Green landscaping, also known as sustainable landscaping, is a great way to help the environment and make life easier for any home or business owner. It involves eliminating non-functional lawns and replacing them energy efficient materials that create a great aesthetic without damaging the environment. 

For various reasons, businesses need to use green landscaping on their properties. Green landscaping is an excellent tool for businesses and the environment. It reduces the need to care for unnecessary elements that waste resources. 

What is a Non-Functional Lawn?

The grass is a living part of nature, so you might be confused about why it should be considered non-functional.

You can determine your yard’s functionality by the activities you do on it. For example, it’s likely functional if you frequently use your grassy area for recreational activities. The same goes for pets that are more comfortable using grass to play and relieve themselves. So long as you choose the suitable grass for these needs, it can be worth having. 

If you have grass just to look at or use for activities you can do on any surface, it’s considered non-functional. The grass is taking up time and resources without providing a critical return. If your lawn is non-functional, consider switching to green landscaping. 

Here’s why it’s so important. 

Saves Energy

When you have a lawn with non-functional grass, you waste energy through its maintenance. 

It takes non-renewable energy to run mowers, trimmers and other lawn care equipment. Most of the year, businesses have to landscape weekly to keep their grass from becoming unsightly to potential clients and customers. 

When you run lawn care equipment, you contribute to an increase or carbon emissions in the air. These emissions are a significant cause of climate change, causing devastating effects on the environment. 

The same goes for non-native plant species. It might seem like a good idea to stand out from other businesses by adding unique plants to your yard space. However, plants that aren’t local to the area are more likely to have traveled a long distance on emissions-creating vehicles and can be challenging to care for, needing heat or cooling during days outside of their climate. 

Research shows that consumers care more than ever about supporting sustainable businesses. By switching to a green landscaping material, like mulch, you are reducing your carbon footprint, which could attract new customers to your business. 

Saves Water

Unless you get a lot of rain year-round, your outdoor greenery will need watering. Whether you use a sprinkler system or hose, most lawns need thousands of gallons of water to keep them alive. 

Non-functional grass takes from a fragile water supply, making it harder to ensure that drought-effected areas have enough for their communities to thrive. 

For this reason, Las Vegas recently banned non-functional grass from saving much-needed water. 

Conserving water also eliminates the extra energy needed to filter and pump water to your business, doubling the environmental benefit. 

Saves Money

Green landscaping also saves you money, which is suitable for any business.  

A green landscape can save up to 90% of your landscaping costs. Less grass means less money on treatments and gasoline. Since the plants you get are native, they will last longer and resist weather changes and local pests.

Maintaining a lawn can cost over $200 a month, but you will pay only a fraction to care for your property by cutting down on the grass and adding hardy plants.

You can also save on sprinkler maintenance and water costs by having plants that need less water if you place the plants needing the most water near the bottom of your landscape to water it naturally.

When you spend less money on landscaping, you can spend more money on other business costs to benefit your bottom line.

No Need for Pesticides

A big plus of green landscaping is that you don’t have to worry about purchasing and using suitable pesticides to keep a non-functional yard healthy.

Pesticides don’t only contaminate the environment but can also cause allergic reactions for some customers.

Long-term pesticide exposure can cause various acute conditions, including stinging eyes, blisters and nausea. It can also cause chronic health problems like cancers, congenital disabilities and reproductive issues. Not using pesticides on grass and plants keeps everyone and everything safer.

Many native plants are resistant to local pests and may even repel them. Eliminating most pesticides from your yard saves you money, energy and worry.

Using Green Landscaping for Your Business

Choosing green landscaping is essential if you’re re-doing your business’s yard. Using sustainable landscaping keeps your greenery healthy and creates a more attractive yard that is free of harmful substances.

When you choose green landscaping, you decide to have an environmentally friendly and safe business for you, your employees and your customers to enjoy for years to come.

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