Anatomy of Earth-Sheltered Homes

With the advancements of today’s construction technology, the common four-walled home isn’t the only option homeowners have anymore. Advancements in construction technology and architectural design have allowed other forms of housing to exist. 

Earth-sheltered homes offer a unique living situation by emphasizing eco-friendly living and offering maximum comfort to homeowners. These homes conform to the surrounding environment and incorporate the earth into their design. Doing so creates a unique and eco-friendly living experience that promotes sustainability.

There are different styles of earth-sheltered homes and each type offers its own unique benefits; for example, earth-covered homes incorporate living roofs (something that’s becoming increasingly popular in urban areas. These types help purify the air and help collect rainwater, assisting in flood-prevention in urban areas. In-hill homes are like modern hobbit holes that provide nearly perfect insulation and indoor temperature.

There is quite a bit of information about earth-sheltered homes, such as their financial benefits and their durability. Luckily, BigRentz created an easy to understand infographic so that anyone can be informed and see how there are more options to the four-walled structure. Check it out below.

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