Tips For An Eco-Friendly Pregnancy

A recent survey conducted by The Bump found that 69% of people become more concerned about “going green” once they find out that they’re pregnant. The health of the planet is a growing concern for more people than ever, and when the health of the planet is prioritized, the health of everyone living on it improves too, including your unborn child’s. For an eco-friendly pregnancy, look at repurposing clothes into maternity wear, ditch the plastic packaging that food comes in, and use personal care products that are natural and free of chemicals.

Opt for ethical maternity wear

You’ll undoubtedly need some maternity clothes, but there are green ways to get your wardrobe to work for you. Firstly, consider any baggy or stretchy clothes you already have that you could wear as maternity clothes, particularly for the first part of your pregnancy. Secondly, some of your clothes may be able to be adapted to fit your growing tummy, providing you’re handy with a needle and thread. If you do need to buy new clothes, start with finding second-hand items, many of which have barely been worn and will save you a fortune. If you’re buying new, look for items made in your own country or state using sustainably grown cotton and from companies that don’t use sweatshops and offer their workers a fair wage.

Eating for two sustainably

While it’s not true that you need to eat enough for two people during pregnancy, you will need to eat more and many women pay closer attention to their diet and health during pregnancy. There are several environmental concerns around food. Where possible, try to buy food that comes in no packaging or packaging that is easily recycled or reused, such as glass. For women diagnosed with gestational diabetes, following a healthy diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables can help to control blood sugar levels, but a lot of fresh produce often comes wrapped in plastic and can travel a lot of miles before it gets to your plate. Buying produce at farmer’s markets and greengrocers is a good way to get fresh, local, unpackaged foods, just remember to take along your own bags and containers.

Chemicals in your personal care products

A bit of pampering every now and then during pregnancy will more than likely be in order, as well as new products to care for the stretching skin around your growing tummy. Worryingly, more than 99% of personal care products have been found to contain at least one ingredient that hasn’t been tested or regulated. Additionally, many ingredients are chemicals that are harmful to you, your unborn baby, and get released into the environment where they contribute to air pollution. Don’t use any personal care products that you don’t really need, such as nail polish and hair dyes, and look for products that are gentle and fragrance-free. Try to buy only from ethical brands that create products that are sustainable and environmentally-friendly.

There are plenty of ways to lead an eco-friendly life once your baby arrives, but why not start during pregnancy? Some simple switches can go a long way for improving the health of the planet and the health of your family.

By Sally Writes

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